Call for Participation
2001 IAMC Workshop
at ISSAC'2001

22 July 2001
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada

The Internet Accessible Mathematical Computation Workshop 2001 is being co-organized by Angel Diaz of IBM (USA), Norbert Kajler of Ecole des Mines de Paris (France), and Paul Wang of Kent State (USA). The workshop is part of ISSAC'2001 and will involve invited talks, contributed papers, and system demonstrations. This is the second IAMC workshop. The first IAMC workshop was held on 28 July 1999 as part of ISSAC'99, Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

The workshop has received NSF (USA) support and is free for all ISSAC'2001 participants. Otherwise, the IAMC'2001 Workshop registration fee is US$75 (CAN$110). To register please go to the ISSAC'2001 site. Everyone with an interest in the many aspects of making mathematical computation or information accessible on the Web/Internet is welcome to attend. Topics of the workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • Remote access to mathematical software over the Internet
  • Encoding of mathematical expressions (including text-based encodings, for E-mail and HTML embedding, and binary-based encodings for efficient communication between scientific applications)
  • Interoperability between software that create/transform/display mathematical expressions (e.g. symbolic, numeric, graphics, text-processing packages) via ad hoc communication protocols and software architectures
  • Application of the above technologies for practical purposes such as distant learning and distributed problem solving
  • Protocols, APIs, URL schemes, and other mechanisms for system interoperability and standardization

Important dates

    1 May 2001 ..... Deadline for submitting papers/abstracts
    27 May 2001 ..... Discount accommodation reservation deadline
    1 June 2001 ..... Notification of acceptance and call for participation
    23 June 2001 ..... Full-length paper due
    22 July 2001 ..... IAMC workshop

Workshop Registration and Accommodations

The IAMC Workshop is part of ISSAC'2001. Participants should register with the ISSAC'2001 conference.

Because of the 2001 Summer games and other special events in London, reserved accommodation for ISSAC 2001 is likely to disappear quickly after the accommodation deadline for guaranteed/discounted accommodation (May 27).

Details of our reserved accommodation and discounted rates can be found at the ISSAC 2001 website at Note that you don't have to pay when you reserve the accommodation! (Payment is due upon check-out).

Email Addresses

Workshop organizers:

    Angel Diaz (IBM USA) --

    Norbert Kajler (Ecole des Mines de Paris, France) --

    Paul S. Wang (ICM/Kent USA) --

ORCCA assistants for the IAMC workshop:

    Bo Wan --

    James Smillis --

Workshop Program

Please note that the proceedings of IAMC workshops can be found at

2001 IAMC Workshop
22 July 2001

08:30 -- 09:00 Registration  (Conron Hall)
09:00 -- 09:30 Welcome and Workshop Theme (Conron Hall)
09:30 -- 10:30 Invited Talk (Conron Hall)
      Session Chair: Norbert Kajler (Ecole des Mines de Paris, France)

      Dr. Neil Soiffer (Wolfram Research, USA)

      MathML: the inside story


      MathML has attracted a great deal of attention as the format to use for
      web-based Mathematics.  This talk presents the whys 
      of MathML, such as why the presentation math elements have structure to
      them, why there is no short input syntax, and why the content tag set
      does not have an evaluate tag.  Sometimes the reasons
      are technical, sometimes historical, and sometimes there are political.
      Some of the rationale may be obvious, but some reasons may be quite 
      surprising -- MathML may not be what you think it is.

10:30 -- 11:00 Break
11:00 -- 12:00 Contributed Papers I (Conron Hall)
      Session Chair: Angel Diaz (IBM USA)

      On the relationship between OpenMath and MathML
      Stephen Watt and Bill Naylor

      OpenMath Content Dictionaries: the Current State
      James H. Davenport (

12:00 -- 13:30 Lunch

13:30 -- 14:30 Contributed Papers II (Conron Hall)
      Session Chair: Neil Soifer (Wolfram Research, USA)

      Remote Access to Mathematical Software
      Elizabeth Dolan, Paul Howland, Jorge Moré, 
      Boyana Norris, and Barry Smith

      Using WIMS for Mathematical Education
      Xiao Gang and Andre Galligo

14:30 -- 15:00 Break + Posters (Conron Hall)

      * MCP: Mathematical Computation Protocol
        poser by Qingzhao Guo (

      * Numerical and Algebraic Computation in the web:
        exploring benefits and limitations
        poster by Maria Angelica de Oliveira Camargo Brunetto (

      * MetroS - A web site for mathematical software 
        for metrology, and associated materials
        poster by Robin Barker (

15:00 -- 16:00 Contributed Papers III (Conron Hall)
      Session Chair: Paul Wang (ICM/Kent USA)

      The Marriage of MathML and Theorem Proving
      Hanane Naciri & Laurence Rideau

      Mathematical Systems Integrated in the ActiveMath Learning Environment
      Paul Libbrecht and Adrian Frischhauf
      ( et al)

16:00 -- 17:30 System Demos

      * The Omega group, Universität des Saarlandes to demo

        ActiveMath (web-based learning environment)

        by Paul Libbrecht (
        Middlesex 342,  use of Internet 1

      * Mathematics and Computer Science Division,
        Argonne National Laboratory to demo

        ADIC Server, NEOS Server, PETSc Server

        by Boyana Norris (
        Middlesex 342, use of Internet 2

      * ICM/Kent USA to demo
        Java-based IAMC Framework

        by Weidong Liao (
        Middlesex 327, use of Internet 1

      * ICM/Kent USA to demo

        XMC (eXtensible Mathematical encoding Converter)

        by Xiao Zou (
        Middlesex 342, use of Projector 

      * Centre for Mathematics and Scientific Computing
        National Physical Laboratory, UK to demo
        METROS web-site

        by Robin Barker (
        Middlesex 327, use of Internet 2

      * Waterloo Maple Inc. Canada, to demo


        by Douglas Harder (
        Middlesex 327, use of Projector 

17:30 ISSAC'2001 Reception

IAMC 2001 Workshop Website

Papers and posters submitted by authors are available on-line at

The IAMC homepage

contains general information and links for IAMC including a link to the 1999 IAMC Workshop proceedings.

Funding Acknowledgement

The 2001 IAMC Workshop has received funding from the US National Science Foundation under Grant CCR-9721343.