Macsyma, MAXIMA, Vaxima, ...

Macsyma is one of the very first general-purpose Symbolic Computation systems. Through the years there have been many versions of Macsyma-derived systems. Some systems listed here may no longer be easily available.

  1. Implementations of MAXIMA on top of different LISP systems.
  2. DOE MAXIMA, a general-purpose symbolic computation system available under the Gnu General Public License, can be downloaded from GNU without obtaining a DOE (US Department Of Energy) license.

  3. Macsyma Inc.

  4. Paradigm Associates' version of DOE-Macsyma

  5. Schelter's version of DOE-Macsyma, GCL/AKCL and MAXIMA, University of Texas at Austin.

  6. Fateman's "Vaxima" in the DOE library

  7. Fort Pond Research's "ALJABR".

  8. Punimax (clisp/maxima).

Note: 1,2,3 are in Common Lisp, 4,5 are in Franz Lisp. Most major (and many minor) features are identical in all of them.

1. Macsyma Inc.

  • Home of:
            For more information contact:
            Macsyma Inc.
            20 Academy Street
            Arlington, MA 02174-6436
            tel: 617-646-4550 or 1-800-macsyma
            fax: 617-646-3161
  • Vendor Info

2. Paradigm Associates' version of DOE-Macsyma:

Actually Paradigm has a commercial common lisp version too, which is being shipped to current support customers, although we have not yet announced a formal *NAME* for the thing. When it is running on the Macintosh for example it has all the PLOT capabilities you would expect. Contact: LPH@PARADIGM.COM in Cambridge MA.

3. Schelter's version of DOE-Macsyma

GCL/AKCL and MAXIMA, University of Texas at Austin.

Contact (Bill Schelter)
Once you get a DOE Macsyma license you can obtain this version
on the network.

4. Fateman's "Vaxima" in the DOE library

Contact Richard Fateman for procedure to get a DOE macsyma
license. (Richard Fateman)

National Energy Software Center (NESC)
 is (312) 972-7250.   "vaxima" is accession number NESC 9631.

People interested in maxima should also contact Bill Schelter,
for a working (free) common-lisp copy,  including a copy of KCL.
(if they are on the internet and have a MAXIMA license from DOE already..)

5. Fort Pond Research's "ALJABR"

ALJABR is derived from the Macsyma code (and runs on a Mac) and cost only $200.

Contact Jim O'Dell

6. Punimax (clisp/maxima)

Clisp is one of the smalles complete lisp in the public domain which run
on virtually all platforms . Here is its ftp address:

Punimax is a Maxima Version built on top of clisp. It is available from